Have you ever thought about what ‘home’ means to you? A North West artist is exploring this through her new project, Home.

Hannah Cobb, from Preston, has created a series of illustrated profiles of people who have lived all over the world, expressing what home means to them.


The project was inspired by the Preston City of Sanctuary event that took place earlier this year, as part of a national movement to help refugees access the help on offer to them in the UK. The movement works as a network to help refugees and asylum seekers integrate into society.

Preston has been praised for its work towards welcoming new families into the area following the international refugee crisis. This is something that Hannah has taken pride in: “It was knowing that Preston is really good at welcoming refugees and getting them on their feet, setting off life skills in the system that our country provide.”

The event was opened by Preston City Council Leader, Peter Rankin.

Whilst volunteering at Preston City of Sanctuary, Hannah worked alongside a diverse range of people from all different backgrounds, who inspired her latest project.

She wanted her project to protest the us VS. them attitude that she believes is portrayed in mainstream media, and the series is designed to show people that we’re not all that different from one another.

Hannah is encouraging people from varying backgrounds to share their stories, to show that people from different walks of life have the same values of what makes them feel at home.

The project can be found on Hannah’s Facebook page.


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