Multimedia Skills and the Modern Journalist

The work of a journalist is ever evolving, more so now than ever, due to advances in technology, the surge of the internet and the invention and ever growing use of social media. Once upon a time, the work of a journalist was to go out with a story from their editor, interview the right people, get the right facts and to then produce an article on it for the newspaper or publication that they’re working for.

Today, depending on the type of journalism, there is an expectation of multimedia skills, regardless of whether it’s broadcast, online or print. Reporters are expected to be able to voxpop, take photographs of a high standard to accompany their articles, capture video, create voice pieces or news packages for television and radio, work switch boards etc etc.

The emergence of the internet has introduced a different world of journalism. Online news is of course written differently to that of a newspaper and is the main platform for multimedia journalism. The BBC or The Guardian are probably the best example for this. Online journalism still contains the written word that it originally came from, however there is the scope to also include images, videos, hyperlinks to other sites and articles, as well as embedding social media. Often tweets by political figures or celebrities are embedded in an online article nowadays as this is far more interesting than the use of a direct quote.

These skills are crucial to the modern journalist, as it is so common on the internet. Whether they regard themselves as journalists or not, there are millions of people producing this kind of content daily, and therefore the industry needs to keep up. An example of this is my favourite blogger, Hannah Gale. Hannah genuinely is a journalist – she studied at Kings College London, and then went on to work for Metro and Look Magazine. Hannah now however is a full time blogger, and makes a decent living from this. She is self-employed and uses the same skill set that is required of the modern day journalist to run her own lifestyle blog.



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